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May 29, 2012

Tale Tuesday: Why, it's an honor, Honored Prairie!

Twenty years ago, the Hitzfield family in northeast Indiana decided to turn their back on conventional farming as part of their renewed commitment to producing naturally and wholesomely. Soon their Seven Sons Farm began partnering with other farmers who honored and preserved their own prairie lands the same way the Hitzfields do every day.

As the partnerships--and the demand for their delicious, all-natural products--grew, the Hitzfields started organizing customers the way they'd grouped together with farms. As a buying club directed by a partnership of selected farmers and producers, the folks on the farm and the folks they feed all benefit from their natural stewardship of the land.

Honored Prairie--their buying club named for the land that inspired them--takes online orders for fresh meats and cheeses, honey, maple syrup, dry goods and condiments, and even seafood. Clicking through their order, customers can be sure the partner producers all tend their land, their animals, and their products with the same care and commitment that still inspires the Hitzfields. Each customers' order can be picked up at an approved pick up point or shipped directly through UPS.

Since Smoking Goose only uses proteins from local farmers with the same all-natural ideals and since we handcraft each of our meat treats with that same attention and delicious respect, we're proud to be among the offerings at Honored Prairie. Look for Smoking Goose Deleware Fireballs, Smoked Turkey Breast, Beef Pastrami, Lamb Bacon, and Lardo now available through Honored Prairie!

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