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May 15, 2012

Tale Tuesday: the p's & q's of D&R

Lafayette's D&R Market started as a road side produce stand managed by the D and the R. Those initials stand for Dave and Ron, brothers who grew their summertime stand in Logansport to a year-round market in Lafayette by 1980.

As the brothers' business stretched from fruits and veg to other portions of the plate, their team grew to include Pat, a Purdue college student who took on a janitorial job at the market. Hard word, dedication to customer service, and an appetite for unparalleled quality quickly brought Pat from his cleaning job up to Meat Supervisor. More than 20 years later, D&R customers can still find Pat behind the butcher table, trimming up prime cuts for the guests at his counter.

Pat's sincere service to his customers means stocking only the best, and that's why Smoking Goose goods are now available at D&R Market. Look for our Lamb Bacon, Pig & Fig Terrine, Stagberry Salame, Capocollo, Black Truffly Salame, and more!

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