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May 1, 2012

Tale Tuesday: it's a (meat) jungle out there

What's in the foodie forest just across the state line? That tempting tangle just outside of Cincinnati is the Jungle Jim's, a destination for anyone who's hungry.

In his one-and-a-half acre jungle of a market, Jim & his team stack foodstuffs from around the world: produce, wine and beer, bread & pastries, fresh seafood, cheeses, and more. If visitors can pull themselves away from the diversity on the shelves (and the humidor stocked with cigars from over 70 countries), Jungle Jim hosts cooking demonstrations, staffs three in-house restaurants, and even keeps shopping fun for all ages with surprises around each corner (Elvis the Lion guards the massive candy section).

Before Jim was tending his zoo of a market, he's was the little kid with jungle-sized dreams. Selling wild cattails for a penyy and washing balls from the water traps to sell back to local golfers, Jim grew up to man his own roadside produce stand by the time he was 18. In 1975, Jim bought the lot for his first market and the jungle has been expanding ever since.

"Jungle Jim's has the most international, American, and natural products in the Midwest," says Debby Hartinger, PR and Marketing Coordinator at Jungle Jim's. "With 1,400 hot sauces, 12,000 wine labels, 1,300 international cheeses, three gift shops, and six restaurants, there is something for everyone!"

And now the Goose is going to the wild side with meat treats in the Jungle! We're thrilled to add our Tasso, Guanciale, Pancetta, Elk Terrine, Coppa, Deleware Fireballs, Sopressata, and Black Truffle Bologna, to Jungle Jim's impressive line up.

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