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December 12, 2012

Bourbon Barrel Aged Meat Treats

We've all heard of pigs in a blanket, but how about pigs in a barrel?

Chris Eley & the Smoking Goose gang packed four Ossabaw pork cuts tight in a seasoned Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrel to cure, soaking up the nutty, smoky sweetness.

The porky treasures we've pulled from the barrel started at Conner Prairie, the nineteenth-century living history museum in Fishers, Indiana. Historic interpreters there raised the Ossabaw hogs just like the Hoosiers did two hundred years ago. Chris and his team seam butchered & trimmed the cuts by hand before selecting just four of those portions for the historic (and delicious) barrel aging. Wholesale customers can contact their rep to claim your portion of our Bourbon Barrel Aged Ossabaw while the public is invited to visit Goose the Market in Indianapolis where we'll slice your portion to order.

Barrel Aged Lonza: sleek boneless pork loin so tender and tasteful, we recommend slicing it paper thin for a bourbon-spiked bite

Barrel Aged Coppa: hand-trimmed whole muscle from the top of the Ossabaw's shoulder cured under sea salt, brown sugar, and spice inside the bourbon barrel; this well-marbled muscle makes for a rich slice that laces sweet fat with bourbon-infused lean

Barrel Aged Tesa: this is the cut that makes butter blush; Ossabaw bellies--the same cut as bacon--absorbed the caramel smokiness of the toasted barrel; slice it so the light can shine through then layer ribbons over crusty bread still warm from the coals

Barrel Aged Ham: we hand trimmed full hams down to the most prized muscle for an even richer nugget of pristine porcine swathed in bourbony goodness