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Meat School 2016: Classes at Smoking Goose

A new year of Meat School is in session! This spring, participants can explore specific special interests in butchering and charcuterie....

September 25, 2014

Ham Jam -- Lamb Jamb -- Jowl Jam: meat condiments!

new spoon-able meat treats are delicious as cheese board accompaniments, burger toppings, shellfish condiments, and more

Handcrafted from our house cured & smoked meats, these sweet-savory jams are the perfect accompaniment to cheese plates and perk up any sandwich. Schmeer Ham Jam over meatloaf before it goes into the oven and toss warm shellfish with Jowl Jam before plating. Add Lamb Jamb to tabbouleh or serve on the side for dipping crudités. Who's hungry? Let's jam!

Ham Jam
fruity with a gentle smokiness

Lamb Jamb
sweetly meaty and wild

Jowl Jam
spicy with coriander and black pepper

To make our meat condiments, we start by finely grinding rich, fruitwood smoked meat treats -- City Ham, Lamb Bacon, or Jowl Bacon -- and blending those tiny meat jewels with a cane sugar syrup spiked with red wine vinegar, mustard, and spices. These rich, thick, and spreadable jams should be stored covered in the refrigerator and taste even better after coming room temp.

Look for these three new treats to rotate on the shelves in our Dorman St. Meat Locker! 

September 19, 2014

Goose Gang Update: Kate!

We asked Kate if she was into good food. Without missing a beat she responded, "Aren't we all?" Sure it seems a simple question, but Kate was pulling at her philosphical roots. Her Butler University thesis used applied ethics to analyze the local food movement. What was her conclusion? "We'll be in good shape," she says. "And Smoking Goose is a big part of that."

Kate started at Smoking Goose as an administrative assistant and quickly took on customer service responsibilities thanks to her ever-friendly disposition, attention to detail, and quick problem solving skills. She'll be putting all those assets to work along with her in-depth experience with Smoking Goose products as she officially steps into her new role handling inside sales as Wholesale Account Representative.

Congrats, Kate, and thanks for all your work as part of the Smoking Goose Gang!

September 13, 2014

Meat School: Classes at Smoking Goose

Meat School is in session!
forget the apple for teacher; this prof is into protein

Charcuterie 101: Terrine Time!
Thursday, October 16, 6pm
Meaty snacks and libations will be served!

The wide, wide world of charcuterie encompasses making meat treats from sausages and bacon to salumi and ham. During this class, we'll focus on one area of charcuterie that, once mastered, allows for infinite variation. It's a classic from the old-world butcher's skill set: making Terrines! 

Named for the rectangular earthenware dish traditionally used in its preparation, Terrines are tender, rich loafs usually served by the slice before or at the start of a meal. Made with just about any type of protein or even vegetables (gasp! says the butcher), Terrines can be be rustic and simple or elaborate and elegant. Learning the solid basics of Terrine techniques offers inexhaustible options for both professionals and cooks at home.

Together with Smoking Goose owner and meat master Chris Eley, the class will prepare three different terrines from start to finish. Topics the group will master together include:
  • recipe formulations 
  • proper ratios: fat, lean, and liver
  • spicing variations
  • in-lays and layering: learn professional tricks
  • larding and wrapped terrines
  • cooking techniques
  • serving suggestions
Participants will take home a generous stash of a variety of Terrines. Dress the part as we'll provide your butcher's uniform plus a Smoking Goose butcher's hat to take home. Enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of Smoking Goose's USDA-inspected production facility as well as a private tasting with a smorgasbord of Smoking Goose meat treats, fresh baked bread, accompaniments, and libations. 

Reservations required: $125 per person includes snacks & drinks plus generous portions of a variety of terrines and a butcher's hat to take home

How to register: Call 317-638-MEAT (6328) to get on the list or give registration as a gift!

The fine print: $50 deposit per participant is due at registration. This nonrefundable & nonexchangeable deposit will be applied to the total class cost which is due no later than 24 hours prior to the class.

Plans change? While the registration deposit is nonrefundable & cannot be applied to a different class, please let us know as soon as possible if you cannot attend the class so that the balance will not be charged to your card: 317-638-MEAT (6328).

Saturday, November 1, 12-3pm at Conner Prairie
Meaty snacks and libations will be served!

Join staff from Indianapolis' award-winning meatery Smoking Goose as we all work together to go nose-to-tail, breaking down a whole hog by hand using traditional seam butchering techniques. As we work outside, around the campfire at Conner Prairie, Smoking Goose owner and meat master Chris Eley will guide participants in old-school butchering techniques and explain the professional's tricks of the meat trade.

Enjoy a complimentary tasting of Smoking Goose meat treats with paired libations at break time, and dress the part as we'll provide a Smoking Goose butcher's hat & especially commissioned butcher's apron for you to wear during the class and take home.

Reservations required: $150 per person, learn more and register online.

Also on November 1, join us for Prairie Plates: a four-course Whole Hog Dinner at 6pm in the Prairie House with cuisine from Chris Eley and staff from Goose the Market. Reservations required: $75 per person (tax included) and reservations available online.

September 5, 2014

Goose Gang Anniversary: happy three to Britt!

Today we celebrate Brittany's third anniversary at Smoking Goose! She is the longest term staff member, smokin' since the very beginning of Smoking Goose. How's it feel to look back over three big years? "Feels like yesterday," says Britt.

She was hired as an administrative assistant and as she helped grow the business, she built the ladder to her current position as Operations Manager. "I can honestly say it's been an amazing experience," Britt reminisces. With her wealth of experience, she has a special insight on the big picture. "I feel lucky to be working here and to be a part of what we've accomplished."

As we celebrate this milestone today, Brittany and her husband Jace are preparing for another little party in December. They're expecting their first baby, a boy who her friends have nicknamed "Bacon Bit." (Occupational hazard?) The nursery is almost finished (and already includes a racecar from daddy Jace's day job).

We asked Brittany what her first meal might be after baby "Bacon Bit" arrives. She may keep it simple with a classic Smoked Turkey sandwich, but Pastrami has always been her favorite. "Jace and I make Pastrami & Tasso sandwiches with Lillie's Q Carolina Gold sauce and gouda all toasted on an Amelia's brioche bun. It's soooo good." And something to drink with that, Brittany? "A big ol' bourbon...on the rocks, or maybe straight outta the bottle," she winks.

From all of us at Smoking Goose, happy number three Brittany!