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September 19, 2014

Goose Gang Update: Kate!

We asked Kate if she was into good food. Without missing a beat she responded, "Aren't we all?" Sure it seems a simple question, but Kate was pulling at her philosphical roots. Her Butler University thesis used applied ethics to analyze the local food movement. What was her conclusion? "We'll be in good shape," she says. "And Smoking Goose is a big part of that."

Kate started at Smoking Goose as an administrative assistant and quickly took on customer service responsibilities thanks to her ever-friendly disposition, attention to detail, and quick problem solving skills. She'll be putting all those assets to work along with her in-depth experience with Smoking Goose products as she officially steps into her new role handling inside sales as Wholesale Account Representative.

Congrats, Kate, and thanks for all your work as part of the Smoking Goose Gang!

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