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September 5, 2014

Goose Gang Anniversary: happy three to Britt!

Today we celebrate Brittany's third anniversary at Smoking Goose! She is the longest term staff member, smokin' since the very beginning of Smoking Goose. How's it feel to look back over three big years? "Feels like yesterday," says Britt.

She was hired as an administrative assistant and as she helped grow the business, she built the ladder to her current position as Operations Manager. "I can honestly say it's been an amazing experience," Britt reminisces. With her wealth of experience, she has a special insight on the big picture. "I feel lucky to be working here and to be a part of what we've accomplished."

As we celebrate this milestone today, Brittany and her husband Jace are preparing for another little party in December. They're expecting their first baby, a boy who her friends have nicknamed "Bacon Bit." (Occupational hazard?) The nursery is almost finished (and already includes a racecar from daddy Jace's day job).

We asked Brittany what her first meal might be after baby "Bacon Bit" arrives. She may keep it simple with a classic Smoked Turkey sandwich, but Pastrami has always been her favorite. "Jace and I make Pastrami & Tasso sandwiches with Lillie's Q Carolina Gold sauce and gouda all toasted on an Amelia's brioche bun. It's soooo good." And something to drink with that, Brittany? "A big ol' bourbon...on the rocks, or maybe straight outta the bottle," she winks.

From all of us at Smoking Goose, happy number three Brittany!

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