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July 3, 2012

Tale Tuesday: Jack the Ploughman

For over 30 years, Union Jack Pub in Indy's Broad Ripple neighborhood has been serving up pints that satisfy more than the thirst of their guests old and new. Union Jack is a pub not just by definition but also by tradition. Proprietors Brenda Rising-Moore and Tom Campbell take to heart the longstanding role of the pub as a place to replenish a thirsty gullet and the community spirit.

With a reputation for brilliant beers and a satisfying menu that blends British standards with American classics, Union Jack recently added a new item to their tempting menu. Pull up a pint next to their new Ploughman's Platter, an ever-changing selection of Smoking Goose meat treats. Put down your plough and stop in now for a platter loaded with Smoking Goose City Ham, Capocollo, and Salame Cotto.

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