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July 10, 2012

Tale Tuesday: Meat Blossoms at Bloomingfoods

There's never been low hanging fruit for Bloomingfoods. This Bloomington, Indiana, market and deli is creeping up on the big 4-0, and through each of those four decades, this member-owned co-op continually trimmed and trained its offerings to become the budding community center still blossoming today.

With a small, local loan and the sweat equity of 150 volunteers, Bloomingfoods first began stocking its shelves with local, sustainable, artisanal foodstuffs in 1975. It wasn't all peaches to get the initial business up and running, and it hasn't been easy as pie to build Bloomingfoods into the three storefronts that serve southern Indiana communities today. But through the seasons, co-op members and patrons rallied around their delicious mission for "healthy, high quality, sustainable and environmentally sound products at a fair price."

That's why Smoking Goose meat treats are a natural, tasty fit for Bloomingfoods' cases. Since we always start with all-natural meat from local farmers who raise their animals with the same care that Bloomingfoods upholds in its own mission, our sausages and smoked meats fulfill this co-op's goals deliciously. Look for our Duck, Pear and Port Sausage, Andouille, Mexican Chorizo, Tasso and more.

So to celebrate not just the local, artisanal products on Bloomingfoods' shelves but also the people that have helped the co-op grow sustainably, this Saturday, July 14, is Mad Cad Day. It's a customer appreciation celebration when everyone who shops at any of the three Bloomingfoods locations this Saturday gets at least 5% off their purchases.

But wait, there's more! In honor of the occasion and the people, our own dear Josh will be at Bloomingfoods passing out complimentary samples of our mighty meat treats on the afternoon of Mad Cad Day, July 14. Congrats, Bloomingfoods, and may your future continue to bud!

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