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July 24, 2012

Tale Tuesday: Slow Pogue? No, Pogue's Run!

On the east side of Indianapolis, members of a local food coop believe no one can put dinner on the table all by himself. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but folks from the Indy Food Coop know it takes a village to raise a meal, too.

Over five years ago, volunteers of the coop began organizing a member-owned neighborhood grocery store. Their focus was on healthy, natural, local goods but also on the quickly developing "food desert" on the city's near east side. After two major grocery stores left the area, residents faced the tragic choice of traveling far for real food or sticking close to home for higher-priced but lower-nutrition foodstuffs. Thanks to thousands of volunteer hours, grants from near and far, and a driving hunger to keep Indy fed well, Pogue's Run Grocer opened its doors at the end of 2010.

Named for the waterway that runs through the neighborhood, Pogue's Run stocks its shelves and deli counter with affordable, fresh, healthy foods and locally produced goods. While anyone can shop those aisles, members enjoy everyday discounts plus bulk ordering opportunities and special pricing on Member Appreciation Days.

Now folks can take home Smoking Goose meat treats from Pogue's Run Grocer, too! Look for our Kitchen Sink Sausage, Jowl Bacon, Tasso and more. And because we're always hungry (especially when we're grocery shopping), look for Smoking Goose proteins on the ever-changing ready-to-eat sandwiches from Pogue's Run deli (hello City Ham!).

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