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June 26, 2012

Tale Tuesday: Meaty volumes in the Gourmet Library

“Shhh! No talking!” You’ll never hear that in New Jersey’s Gourmet Library. Their dedicated staff encourages conversation—and community—by bringing customers to the table.

good food & good conversation
inside the Gourmet Library

Amid the shelves chock full of handcrafted cheeses, charcuterie, and hard-to-find ingredients, manager Christina Fleming—a native Hoosier who worked at Capriole Farms before moving east—and her team host cheesemakers and winemakers, olive oil artisans and crafty barkeeps to share their plots (and their recipes) with Gourmet Library guests. Good food and good conversation: those are the volumes that fill Christina’s edible library.

At Smoking Goose, we believe a bite tastes better when we know where it comes from. Real meat has a tale, and we’re excited that our meat treats (and their tales) are available at Gourmet Library!

Now Christina’s customers can check out (wink, library joke) Smoking Goose bacon of all kinds—lamb, jowl, and applewood—plus smoked Duck,Pear, and Port Sausage and even cold-smoked Elk Terrine. With our pristine protein on the table, Gourmet Library patrons can dine happily ever after.

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