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January 27, 2012

Feature Friday: Kincaid's--three generations of meat

Dave & Vicki are the third generation serving up steaks and chops inside their family business just north of Indianapolis. But their place in the community isn't just behind the counter at Kincaid's. We're just as likely to see Vicki or Dave volunteering at Connor Prairie or helping the local FFA chapter host events.
Back in 1921, their shop was constructed around the massive, porcelain meat cooler that's still the heart of the shop today. From filet mignon and aged ribeyes to homemade sausages, Dave and his crew know good meat. That's why they're proud to include Smoking Goose goods in the Kincaid's cases. Stop by for Smoking Goose Applewood Bacon, Lamb Bacon, Delaware Fireball, and Gin & Juice Salame.

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