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January 20, 2012

Feature Friday: A bit of Brugge

It's hard to tell whether there's more of Belgium or Broad Ripple in Indy's Brugge Brasserie. The brewery and restaurant started almost seven years ago by four Broad Ripple High School grads is a fixture in the neighborhood, but after a bite and a sip, it feels a bit more like we're in Brugge...literally.

The house brewery--based in Terra Huate, at least for now--brings an ever-changing line up of Belgian inspired brews to the brasserie's menu of Belgian classics. Moules Frite means two pounds of Prince Edward Island mussels spiked with your choice of a dozen different treatments from the traditional chardonnay, stock, and herbs to the eclectic miso, ginger, and sesame. A long list of Steak Frite and Mitraillettes (classy Belgian subs) all go with the twice fried pomme frite and the dozens of dips that accompany them: roasted garlic aioli, poplar syrup & French dijon, fresh herb pesto, sesame mayonnaise (did you hear our stomach growling?).

We go for Brugge's crepes every time. Sure a couple sweet varieties can wrap up the meal, but their savory crepes are the perfect pairing for their house brews like Cloutier's Farmhouse or Cerne Pivo. And now Smoking Goose meats are putting more delicious local into the Brugge's tasty international. Our favorite so far? Brugge's garlic-rich housemade aioli, roasted red peppers, Dubbel glazed onions (made with Brugge's own beer, of course) and Smoking Goose Hot Fennel Sausage all nestled in a light as air crepe complete with crispy edges.

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