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April 3, 2012

Tale Tuesday: Downtown Farm Stand

Dave and Sara Ring are bringing a little country to the city. Before 2007, the couple grew produce organically on their own farm but were frustrated with the limited ways to get their goods into the hands (and bellies) of their fellow Middletowners.

After lots of fellow growers expressed the same frustrating lack of market space, Dave and Sara got their hands out of the dirt and onto some big city plans. They opened The Downtown Farm Stand, a local-organic grocery and deli, on a busy corner in downtown Muncie, Indiana.

Stocked with organic, sustainably produced groceries from meat and cheese to produce and even cleaning supplies, the couple's shop also serves up ready-to-eat organic and local sandwiches, soups, and salads from their deli and catering section.

And if coming into the city isn't on their customers' menu, they've just started Farm Stand Delivery where folks can get the same all-natural, local products from the shelves delivered to their door.

Since Smoking Goose sources only from local farmers who sustainably, humanely, and all-naturally raise their animals, our meat treats are deliciously country just like The Downtown Farm Stand promotes. Stop by--or get on their new delivery route--for Smoking Goose Andouille, Salame Cotto, City Ham, Applewood Smoked Bacon, and Beef Pastrami.

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  1. I had some Smoking Goose andouille sausage for dinner that I purchased that the wonderful Downtown Farm Stand in Muncie. Yum!!!!