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February 21, 2012

Tale Tuesday - Provenance: where we're coming from

From two corners of Chicago, Provenance Food and Wine stocks a vast but unassuming wine collection with a spotlight on stellar, bang-for-your-buck bottles that over deliver on flavor and come with change from a $20.

What to pair with these popped corks? For high value juice that ranges the world over, Provenance Food and Wine keeps the carefully chosen victuals local and delicious. The staff are just as thirsty as you when they offer suggestions to pair with Smoking Goose's Elk Terrine, Lamb Bacon, Salame Cotto, and Mortadella.

And get hungry for Sunday, March 4, 4-6pm, when Smoking Goose's own Josh will be slicing samples at Provenance Food and Wine in Lincoln Square!

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