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February 14, 2012

Tale Tuesday: Real meat has a tale at Harry & Izzy's

Our Feature Friday is making a move. Welcome to Tale Tuesday! Each week on Tuesday, we'll share the tale of one Smoking Goose partner who puts a delicious story on each plate just like we do. We believe real meat has a tale, so each Tuesday we'll bring a new character to the story so we can all eat happily ever after.

First up is Indianapolis' own Harry & Izzy's. From downtown to uptown, this more casual twist on its sister restaurant St. Elmo's, is named after two Hoosiers with meaty appetites. In the 1940s, Harry's brothers asked him to partner up in their new restaurant, St. Elmo's. Later his brothers left the kitchen and Harry asked his old high school classmate Izzy to give up his gig as a Indy bookie and join Harry in a 50/50 split of the restaurant. Izzy liked those odds and lent his stern-faced business sense to Harry's warm charm.

In honor of the two gents who built St. Elmo's reputation and success, Harry & Izzy's two locations serve up the classics in a modern, casual mode. Our favorite dish is one of our own. Smoking Goose slices and smokes a country cut, bone-in pork chop just for Harry & Izzy's.
The thick chops feel the heat smoking over cherry wood, and Harry & Izzy's serves 'em up with crispy, flat top grilled potato pancakes with applesauce and sour cream. The savory, rich pork stands up to the sweet cherry smoke for a meaty bite that'd make even Izzy smile.

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