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November 18, 2011

Feature Friday: Chardonnay Chateau? Cabernet Castle?

At about the same time, our fair city became the proud parent of both Smoking Goose and this week's Friday Feature, Vino Villa.

From a beautifully restored historic home in Old Town Greenwood, Vino Villa lines its hardwood shelves with an impressive selection of bottles. Among the corks--which focus on high value bottles under $20--owner Paul Jacquin displays wine-friendly bites like cheeses, olives, and now Smoking Goose meats!

It's all ready to take away, but why not head upstairs where rooms are perfectly appointed for on site swigs. Sink into an overstuffed sofa or nest in an armchair for a glass with paired proteins like Smoking Goose's Pig and Fig Terrine and Smoked Duck Breast. Sip, sample, sigh, repeat: life is good in the Villa.

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