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June 4, 2013

Meat Minutemen (and Women!) Program: wanna work at Smoking Goose for a day?

Ever wish you could work at Smoking Goose but not give up your day job? Here's your chance!

Register in our Meat Minutemen (and Women!) Program. When there are sausages to tie or hams to hang, we'll shine the Salumi Signal above Smoking Goose. That means we'll start contacting each Meat Minuteman with the chance to suit up for the day and work side by side with our production team in our USDA-inspected facility.

Besides the experience of making meat magic with the professionals, you'll also be compensated handsomely (err, deliciously) for your work.

The Smoking Goose Minutemen (and Women!) Program

1. What to expect? We'll provide your uniform and hands-on training for jobs like tying salumi, hanging sausages, and more. Prior experience is not required and we'll provide on-the-job training. Shifts are generally from 10am to 5pm Mondays through Thursdays and include a break and time for lunch.

2. How to sign up? Contact Smoking Goose to be added to the ranks: 317-638-MEAT (6328). We'll need your name and a number(s) where we can reach you during business and early evening hours.

3. When could you work? When we need your help, we'll start contacting Meat Minutemen in the order in which they enrolled. If you decide to take us up on a day working behind-the-scenes at Smoking Goose, you'll have at least 24 hours notice before your shift starts. Again, shifts are generally from 10am to 5pm Mondays through Thursdays and include a break and time for lunch.

4. Who can sign up? All Meat Minutemen must be at least 18 years old, able to do physical work in cold conditions, plus agree to & sign Smoking Goose's Stage Waiver. (Copies can be supplied upon request before you decide whether or not to work with us. No worries--no hazing, just legal stuff.)

5. What you get? In addition to joining the ranks of Smoking Goose's production team for the day, you'll go home a sense of protein pride, a generous supply of meat treats, and your own Smoking Goose butcher's hat.

6. No call, no show? Barring an emergency, Meat Minutemen who agree to work a shift but don't show up and don't contact us before the shift starts forfeit their chances to participate in the program.

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