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August 28, 2012

Tale Tuesday: Calm seas for Broad Ripple sailers

Between the rapids of life, the twists and turns of the daily grind and the turbulent white waters, there lies the Flatwater.

That's how the folks at Flatwater introduce their casual, relaxed tables along the lazy canal in Indianapolis' Broad Ripple. While guests could cozy up inside the twists and turns of the narrow pub, the view along their sweeping patio comes free with any order and includes a generous side of relaxation.

The comfort continues on Flatwater's menu including our Smoking Goose Pastrami sandwich and thick-cut, applewood-smoked pork chop. For a plate worthy of their ever-rotating beer taps, we always order the "Best Of The Wurst," a smorgasbord platter of cheeses and accoutrements paired with Smoking Goose meat treats like our smoked Duck, Pear, and Port Sausage, smoked Kitchen Sink Sausage, and Andouille.

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