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August 21, 2012

Whip it good: Fuet is our latest release!

In Spain's Catalan region, a traditional long, slender pork salame took its name from the Catalan word for "whip." As Smoking Goose releases our version of the Catalan fuet, cracking the whip never sounded so delicious.

Smoking Goose owner Chris Eley and his team cured hand-trimmed pork shoulder and pork neck with the sweet, smoked paprika from El Ray de la Vera, a prized and complex spice protected under Spain's Denominacion de Orien Protegida. The svelt salumi hung for six weeks while the citric and floral paprika laced sweet pork against a background of gentle garlic and black pepper.
In the Spanish tradition, Smoking Goose's Fuet doesn't bring the heat, but each slice is far from mild. Sliced thinly for sandwiches or piled over warm toast drizzled with vibrant Spanish extra virgin olive oil, the mingling flavors of paprika-spiked pork bloom with earthy, bittersweet layers. In a small dice, our Fuet blends brilliantly into soups, salads, stuffing, and--as the Spaniards recommend--paella.

Look for our Fuet to arrive on menus soon at tempting locations including Balena, Ball & Biscuit, Bluebeard, Enoteca Emilia, Finch's Brasserie, Libertine, and Goose the Market.

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