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December 30, 2011

Feature Friday: Green Grocer Goods

Nestled in East Chicago, Green Grocer is a neighborhood market that shortens the trip between farm and plate. Working directly (and almost exclusively) with Midwestern farmers and producers, their products--from bread and cheese to coffee, sweets, and meats--directly support the local economy and keep meal miles (and harmful emissions) to a minimum. Oh, yeah, and that means their food tastes better, too.

Among the grocery essentials, lunch-to-go, and even Produce Share Subscriptions, the shelves at Green Grocer now proudly bear Smoking Goose meats. Like Green Grocer, Smoking Goose sources meats from local, all-natural farmers who care as much about their animals as they do their land and their staff and their family. And like Green Grocer agrees, that kind of local passion and the short commute from land to larder make for an even tastier dinner.

Thanks to Green Grocer, look for our Tasso, Merguez, Pancetta, and Duck Pear & Port Sausage and more to appear on the plates of our East Chicago friends.

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