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April 15, 2014

Latest special release: Ciauscolo

In the medieval hilltop town of Macerata, not far from the center of Italy's east coast, the first cured meat treat of the season is Ciauscolo, a young, soft salame that's easy to smear deliciously over crusty bread. 

Smoking Goose's Ciauscolo revives the centuries-old tradition with hand-trimmed, pasture-raised pork blended with fennel seed, fennel pollen, crushed garlic, and a splash of the region's bright Verdicchio wine. Tied and hung by hand in our Aging Room for just three weeks, a soft slice is still rich and sweetly meaty over a delicate licorice finish.

For a hearty first course that celebrates this pristine porcine delight, spread a thick rub of Smoking Goose Ciauscolo over a slice still warm from the toaster then stain with deep purple Saba, central Italy's sweet-tart syrup of reduced wine must.

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