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March 18, 2014

Ossabaw Culatello: limited release meatheart of a ham

Smoking Goose did a little time travel for our latest limited release. Indiana's interactive history park Conner Prairie raises Ossabaw pigs just as early Hoosier settlers did centuries ago. The breed's history trots even further back than 1820s Indiana. These small pigs are descendants of wild boars in Spain, but farmers of yesterday (and chefs of today) prize them for their highly marbled, ruby red meat. We're proud to make meat magic with such an incredible raw product.

Smoking Goose Ossabaw Culatello is a handcrafted meat treat made from the tender, whole, boneless muscle at the heart of the Ossabaw ham--it's been the butcher's prize for centuries.

After carefully trimming each Culatello by hand, Smoking Goose owner Chris Eley and his crew blended sea salt, black pepper, and mustard seeds with organic white wine. Each day for more than a month, they massaged the porky muscles under the wine and spices. Then laced and tied individually by hand, the Culatelli were ready to hang for over eight months.

The result is a silky, rich, and rosy ham that's easy to slice paper thin and melts in our mouths, highlighting the sweet swine and funky complexity of this meatheart of a ham.

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