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May 29, 2014

Smoking Goose Apprenticeship Program: now accepting applications

Salumi Apprentice 
six months commitment with an optional three month butchering extension
$1,200/month compensation

Hands-on experience will develop responsibilities in:

  • Curing of fresh meats
  • Overhauling of cured meats
  • Tying and hanging of dry cured whole muscles and fermented salumi
  • Racking of dry cured whole muscles and fermented salumi 
  • Monitoring fermentation and drying 
  • Monitoring of long term aging 
  • Rotating dry cured and fermented meats during the aging process 
  • Maintaining fermentation and long term aging chambers and environments
  • Packaging dry cured whole muscles and salumi
  • HACCP monitoring 
  • pH monitoring 
  • Water activity monitoring 

Applicant Requirements:

  • Food handling certification
  • One year experience in butchering, meat fabrication or food service
  • HACCP certification is a plus 

How to apply:
All applicants are encouraged to apply in person Monday--Friday, 8am to 4pm, at 

Smoking Goose
407 N. Dorman St. 

Indianapolis IN 46202

Applicants who cannot apply in person may submit cover letter & resume to jobs[at]smokinggoose.com

No phone calls or social media inquiries please.

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