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February 8, 2013

Meat Locker Monger: introducing Sarah

Long before Sarah started work at Smoking Goose, she'd already been behind the scenes. Along with her husband, Sarah has been a student in all of Chris' Meat School classes. From turkey carving to whole hog butchering, she'll be putting her mad meat skillz to the test later this summer when she and her husband are considering some local barbecue competitions.

But it wasn't the professional bbq circuit that brought Sarah to Indiana. After she started working in a fitness gym at 16, Sarah owned her own place by 20. Although she misses snowboarding the slopes of her native Washington, she was excited to come to Indiana to expand her business nine years ago.

Still, food was always a passion for Sarah. After working at the gym all day, she'd rush home to start canning projects or put up pints of bbq sauce and spice rubs. Good food was more than a hobby for Sarah, so she decided to make it the center plate of her profession.

Sarah works in packaging to get our protein provisions to customers across the U.S., but she's also the friendly face you'll find in our Dorman St. Meat Locker. Come on by and say hello...oh, and ask her who won the staff's duck pin bowling challenge this year.

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