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October 1, 2012

New salame hauntingly delicious

There's a whisper in Indy's sleepy hollow...a new, deliciously festive salame from Smoking Goose is haunting taste buds near and far. With careful hand tying, this pork salame studded with clove, allspice, orange zest, and ginger dry cured for six weeks into a plump pumpkin shape.
To start, hand cut pork from Ossabaw hogs raised nineteenth-century-style at Conner Prairie outdoor living history museum marinated in Dominator Doppelbock, an award-winning special release from Indianapolis' Sun King Brewery. The brew's hints of molasses and gingerbread frame the fall spices that spiked the coarse mixture before hand tying into plump, tender pork stomachs.
Smoking Goose's extremely limited release of our Dominator Doppelbock Salame means a handful of lucky locations can claim these whole treats that average about three pounds each.
So move that horse, Ichabod! It's available by the slice at Goose the Market beginning Tuesday, Oct. 2.

Chefs & retailers should contact your Smoking Goose sales rep soon before they're all claimed or you'll have to...R.I.P.   Boo!

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